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Our development division carries out every step of the real estate development project. We capture profitable real estate development business opportunities, plan our business, and finance our business. In addition, the scope includes basic administrative procedures such as licensing for the execution of the project, as well as the actual occupancy of users. We prepare the project based on a thorough plan, have responsibility and competence, and manage/supervise/carry out the entire project.

Construct Inspiring Commercial Buildings

Since its establishment in 1989, we have built up professional capabilities in the construction industry. Our construction division carries out actual construction activities in real estate development projects. We have the optimum capacity and legitimate license to carry out general commercial construction such as hotels and factories. In addition, various types of construction projects can be carried out, including special construction capabilities and certifications for the construction of various sports facilities such as IAAF.

Discover and enhance new values.

Our investment division determines investment by exploring undervalued investment opportunities and scrutinizing the risks to the investment. To identify excellent investment opportunities, we use a combination of various financial and accounting approaches, as well as socio-cultural approaches, to assess the exact investment value. We help the business model of an investee create stable social and economic value and grow together. The investment division is responsible for creating social values as well as profits as investors.

Finding New Opportunities Around World

Since we first started our investment business in Vietnam in 2002, we have expanded our entire business area (Development, Construction and Investment) not only at Korea but also abroad. We have continuously strengthened the global talent pool for smooth overseas business and steadily developed our capabilities for overseas business discovery, development and operation. In addition to the real estate development/construction business with traditional strengths, we are also entering various business areas such as distribution, import and export, agriculture and fisheries.